I thought that I would share with you what I experienced during my trip to Uluru

I had been drawn to Uluru for years. I think I started getting the calling around 2014. But I knew that I wasn’t at the right energetic level for it. As time went on, I knew that 2020 was going to be the year that I finally at the right spiritual level (for me) to go there. I was so pumped that it was finally 2020 and I could make my Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Rock and then – boom – a virus escaped and the world went crazy.

Then at the beginning of 2021, sanity looked like it had returned and the potential for travel was returning. So I booked my trip for July. And then 4 days out from our holiday, Gladys shut down Sydney. Luckily I got credits for everything (including my 50% discount on the accommodation that I managed to obtain – SCORE)

So, in January of 2022, my fiancé and I started to plan our trip again. One of the key things we were keen on were to see the stars. To be able to see the Milky Way Galaxy without light pollution. Which is when we realised that we had to time our trip around the New Moon, not the Full Moon. (a lesson that cost us $240 in flight changes)

I believe that staying in Yulara (the tourist township owned by Ayers Rock Resort) is essential. As Yulara is only 25kms from Uluru (a 25 minute drive). Which is much better than staying in Alice Springs (which is 5 hours away).

Friday 1st July – Arrival

Seeing Uluru from the air is just breath taking. Even driving from the airport and seeing the rock is breath taking.

We were lucky enough to arrive on Friday 1st July, which is Territory Day. And on Territory Day, if you are in the Northern Territory on the 1st July, you can buy fireworks and left them off that night. The township did a 10 minute fireworks display and the locals were letting off fireworks all night (they must have bought them in Alice Springs)


We also did the Astro Night Tour that night. Three days after the new moon and the moon set had already occurred, we had the night sky to ourselves (and the occasional fireworks). The tour guides were really knowledgeable. And it was very interesting to hear how the Aborigines had linked the position of the Southern Cross to the best times for hunting and gathering. We also got to look at some distant stars and galaxies through the telescope.

Milky Way Galaxy

This is what I was hoping it would look like. I would say that we saw about 20%-30% of the above image. There certainly wasn’t any of the pretty colours

Saturday 2nd July – Uluru

My Trip to Uluru

Saturday was the big day. The day that I tackled the Rock. We waited until about mid-day for when it was warm enough. I think it got to a balmy 17C degrees. I have always felt that when we got there, we had to head to the right. To walk around the rock in an anti-clockwise direction. That that’s the way that the energy is meant to flow.


As soon as I started walking around the Rock, I felt super supported. Like I had a bunch of people following me. So I felt into it, and I sensed that Lightworkers from all around the world were walking with me. I felt so loved and supported in that moment. They stayed with me for the entire walk.


What amazed me about Uluru was not only how much vegetation there was around the rock but how different the vegetation it all was from one location to the next.

Barren landscape at Uluru
Lush vegetation at Uluru

It took us about 2 ½ hours to walk around the Rock. There is one location for the toilets and two locations were you can re-fill your water bottles. If you don’t think that your bladder could last the whole 2 ½ hour walk around, then I suggest that you drive around to the second car park and start there as the toilets are at the first car park.


That night we did the Sounds of Silence Dinner. We got taken to a sand dune where we were greeted with drinks and nibbles. And we got to watch the sun set over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. We were situated smack bang in the middle of the two. So you find yourself swinging between both amazing views.

Sounds of Silence Dinner at Uluru

We then got taken down to main event. Each table seats eight and we were paired with a couple from Sydney and a group of friends from Mackay. We treated to a Didgeridoo performance and then a 3-course meal under the stars. And then finally we had another tour of the night sky. A miniature version of what we had the night before.

It was a great night. Great views. Great Food. Great company. A fabulous experience not to be missed. I had initially baulked at the $240 per person cost. But I kept telling myself, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. And it truly was.

Sunday 3rd July – Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta

Today we planned to tackle Kata Tjuta (formerly known as The Olgas). As it was a colder day (1C to 14C), I think we finally moved out about lunch time. Kata Tjuta is 50kms away from Yulara. The walks are rougher at Kata Tjuta. And you have to keep a real eye on where you are walking. Again the flora surprised me. There were pockets of greenery that would normally expect to see in Sydney

That night was the final of our tours, The Field of Light Star Pass. I first heard about the Field of Lights at Uluru back in 2016 (I think). It was going to be a one year exhibition. And I was a bit sad because it meant that I was going to miss out on seeing it (because it was too early for me to travel to Uluru at that time).

Bubbly at Uluru
Sunsets at Uluru

But I was thrilled and delighted to see that the experience was still on offer. There are two ways that you can see the Field of Lights

  • Just a standard pass to spend 30-40 minutes walking around the installation

  • The Star Pass which includes drinks and nibbles on a sand dune watching the sun set over the installation

I decided to go the fancy pants option and get the Star Pass because (and this became my mantra) it’s a once in a lifetime experience

It was glorious watching the sun set and then the lights come up.

Walking around the Field of Light installation, I felt a little bit like Alice in Wonderland. It was a wonderful experience.

Field of Light Uluru
Field of Light Uluru

Monday 4th July – Just chilling

With all of the key things done, Monday was just a day of chilling. I decided to do some souvenir hunting. I was after a fridge magnet with the Milky Way Galaxy above it. They didn’t have anything at the Town Square so I was advised to try out at the Cultural Centre at the Rock. Which is where I noticed the two Art Galleries or as I think them as the “reasonably priced art gallery” and “high end art gallery”.

While I lusted after three paintings at the high end art gallery, I didn’t have a spare $2,400 or $4,800 or $9,000 on me to buy them. So it was back to the reasonably priced art gallery where I bought a painting by Joy Jackson that caught my eye. I can’t wait to have it in my clinic room (after I get it stretched and framed).

Aboriginal Art by Joy Jackson

Tuesday 5th July – Departure (or not)

I think Tuesday morning was the coldest that we woke up to. -1C with a real feel of -3C. So I think that we made it to breakfast around 8:30am. It was then that I noticed a sign saying “Jetstar Flight JQ661 to Sydney is potentially cancelled. Contact Jetstar Staff at the airport”. Well, my Amygdala kicked in and I went straight into panic mode.

It hadn’t helped that we had been sans phone service and internet for the last 14 hours either. We got to the airport to find out that there were no more seats available on the flight to Melbourne (and then wing our way back to Sydney).

JetStar booked us onto a flight the next day and we were to go back into town and wait to hear back from JetStar about our accommodation. They rang us about two hours later and we luckily got booked back into Sails in the Desert where we had previously stayed. So I spent the afternoon chilling by the pool soaking in the glorious sunshine. And doing some journaling.

Chilling by the Pool at Sails in the Desert

I told my friend about the delay and she mentioned that kismet and obviously we were meant to stay a bit longer. I felt into the energy and she was right. Something was brewing.

That night I tapped into the energies of both Uluru and Kata Tjuta and I danced with them as I fell asleep. When I work up the next day, I could feel myself connected in with Uluru (which is the Base Chakra of the planet). And then I felt myself connecting in with all of the other Chakra points around the planet. To this day, I remain connected to all of them.

Wednesday 6th July – Departure (for realz)

It was smoother sailing this time around. Got to the airport and all checked in just in time for a quick check of the souvenir shop and score – I found the Fridge Magnet that I was after.

The only other amusing end to this tale was the fact that the taxi that we were in, got (a very minor) rear-ending just two streets away from our house. And our taxi driver and the old man who hit him had a row in the middle of the street for 10 minutes while cars and buses were going all around them LOL

Uluru Pro-Tips

Well maybe not “pro-tips” but some advice that you may find helpful


  • Sign up to the Ayers Rock Resort Newsletter and you might be able to get your accommodation on a sale. We were lucky to get 50% our accommodation. But I am not sure if that was because of Covid and they wanted the tourists back

  • If you are keen to see the stars, make sure you are coming out here when it’s New Moon. As the Full Moon will cause light pollution

  • Book your hire car at the same time that you book your accommodation and flights as all of the cheap cars will go quickly. It is worth booking a car even though it’s bloody expensive. Because it gives you the flexibility to do what you want when you want 

  • Book your tours at the same time as well as they sell out fast

  • Puffy jackets are essential in winter. So are thermals. We bought some Thermal T-shirts from MacPac and they were brilliant

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